Company and history


Piardi before being the name of the company that has been producing refrigerators for the public and the private medical sectors since 1944, is the name of a family who is united at home as well as at work.

Our father Vittorio was the founder, with passion for projects and new realizations and now we are son Andrea as co-ordinator of production and daughter Luisa as responsible for the commercial and the administrative area.

The name Piardi, on our letterheads and on our products, is therefore the mark of our personal commitment to work.
Quality of manufacture, timely deliveries, honesty in negotiations – before being corporate facts – for us are important matters of principle.

Thus, we have gained the right recognition and the trust of an increasing number of Customers all over Italy. This is one of the reasons that urge us to continuously invest on the company’s production resources.

In 1990 we took possession of a new seat and in 2001 we moved again to an even wider and more modern structure.

A technologically advanced workshop, offices that are modern and organized by a quality management system conforming to UNI EN 9001:2008 norms, are the base from which we look trustfully at the years to come.

From here we send the refrigerators that supply pharmacies and hospitals all over Italy. And that have been bearing our name with dignity for 64 years all over Italy.

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