Industry refrigerators

Heated and refrigerated chambers

Refrigerated chambers

The prefabricated refrigerated chambers are built with modular panels made from galvanized steel sheets painted white or lined with white plastic.

The anti slip flooring is in grey PVC or stainless steel. Insulation is provided by injected self extinguishing polyurethane, made without C.F.C.’s and as per ISO standards, average density 38/40, heat conduction coefficient 0.022 ini 80, 120, or 180 mm. thicknesses.

The panels slot together and have plastic hooks where required. This gives excellent attachment and mechanical resistance.

The standard walk-in door with a 90×190 cm room has a handle with internal release button to comply with safety standards. It can be fitted with an inspection window and key-operated closure on request.


Airtight or semi-airtight motor-driven compressor

Air or water-based refrigeration gas condenser

Light alloy air-evaporator

Battery with aluminium fins for excellent thermodynamic performance

Ecological refrigerating gas

Temperature range: -40°C +60°C on the ground of thicknesses

All chambers are fitted with an electric control panel with minimim/maximum temperature alarm and adjustment settings and the possibility of remote control.

Heated, thermostatically controlled chambers

Besides all the construction features given above, the heated chambers are also fitted with thermostat system comprising:

  • a channelled ventilation unit
  • armoured electric resistors
  • PD or PID electronic thermostat temperature control
  • possibility of programming temperature cycles

Acooling unit cal also be installed on request.