Laboratory refrigerators

Dual temperature

AF 700 TP/TN AC o AV
cm H 200 x L 72 x P 92

AF 700 TP/TP AC o AV
cm H 200 x L 72 x P 92

AF 1500 TP/TN AC o AV
cm H 200 x L 144 x P 92

AF 1500 TP/TP AC o AV
cm H 200 x L 144 x P 92


Single-body structure composed with two separate and independent compartments

Internal and external covering in white colour plastic-coated steel sheet (on request in Aisi 304/2B stainless steel)

Insulation by high density expanded polyurethane (40/42 Kg. mc.) without C.F.C.

Insulation thickness 60 mm

2 small doors or 2 doors in white colour plastic-coated steel sheet or in Aisi 304/2B stainless steel provided with special PVC magnetic gasket to prevent the escape of cold and with chromium-plated closure handle


  • on/off main switch with fuses according to provisions
  • inside light switch
  • digital reading display for the constant and continuous visualization of the temperature
  • temperature adjustment system by means of Set and up/down pointer
  • sound and visual alarm out-of-temperature
  • alarm for signalling open door
  • warning lights signalling: light, fan, compressor, alarm, defrosting operation
  • keys for selection: manual defrosting request (in case of special necessity, as it is automatic) and for alarm erase
  • contact for remote alarm signal

Defrosting by electrical resistance controlled by a probe of defrosting-phase end for each thermal zone.

Ventilated and canalised production refrigeration that allows an even distribution of the air to all shelves for each thermal zone.

Defrost water automatic removal for each thermal zone.

Double compressor refrigerating unit placed on the upper side of the cabinet with air condensation, hermetic compressor running with R 134a ecological refrigerating gas for positive temperature zone, R 404a for negative temperature zone.

Condenser moto-ventilating unit protected by an accidentprevention grid.

Internal light

Stainless steel adjustable feet