Pharmacy refrigerators

CV Model

cm H 175 x L 63 x P 65


They are conceived for storing medicines, and they are all prepared for two temperatures

Inside and outside covered in white plastic – plated steel sheets.

Thermal insulating layer in polyurethane foam of 60 mm.

Glass doors with thermo-insulated glass panels and provided with an anti-steam device consisting of a heating silicon wire (steel sheets doors on request).


  • 2 mains supply switches (ON – OFF)
  • 2 inside light switches
  • 2 displays for temperature reading
  • 2 systems of temperature adjustments
  • 2 temperature alarms (to be activated)
  • spy lamp signaling the correct light functioning
  • spy lamp signaling the correct fan functioning
  • spy lamp signaling the correct compressor functioning
  • spy lamp signaling the correct alarm functioning
  • key-button for manual defrost (to be activated only in special cases, as the function is automatically run)
  • key-button for alarm silencing
  • set key – button
  • arrow key-button to display the evaporator temperature
  • display showing the alarm source:
    • min. ambient temperature (if activated)
    • max. ambient temperature (if activated)
    • ambient probe failure
    • evaporator probe failure

Two perfectly distinguished ranges, one adjustable between +2°C and +8°C, and the other between +10°C and +15°C.

Controlled relative humidity for a proper storing of packing so as to avoid wrapper dampening.

Ventilated refrigeration which, compared to the static one, grants an even distribution of cold along the shelves

Automatic electronic defrost system whit visual alarm.

Automatic expulsion of defrost waterby maens of vaporization, thus avoiding manual collection and removal.

Glass shelves, sliding plastic drawer on request, both micrometer adjustable.

Refrigeratong set placed on the lower part of the cabinet and composed of two hermetic compressors, and ventilated condenser

Maintenance: simply condenser cleaning.


Guaranteed noiseless

The same model is available at one temperature

Friendly gas, the drawers in the model illustrated are extrafittings