Quality of our products is always certified


Quality of our products is always certified


In order to ensure the conformity and achieve a continuous improvement of the company, of the products and of the services Piardi Tecnologie del freddo carries out:

1. The evaluation of the customer satisfaction

The sales office and the Quality Service collaborate actively in order to satisfy the requirements of the sales network, which by means of a questionnaire transmits to the company the suggestions for improvements or implementation of products requested by the market.
The data regarding the customer satisfaction is collected and analysed during the re-examination meeting of the Quality Service.

2. The verification of the effectiveness and efficiency of its quality system

By means of internal inspections carried out by both internal staff and external consultants qualified to verify and control the application of the manual for the procedures and operative instructions, as well as evaluate the level of participation, motivation and competence of the staff.

3. The controls in acceptance of the raw materials and the controls at the exit of the products.

4. The statistical analysis of the collected data

5. Preventive and corrective actions in order to solve and avoid the problems tied to all the phases of production and sale